Unique designs for unique personalities, GoodCrab Designs was founded in 2017 in Golden, Colorado.

  • I get this a lot: “Why choose GoodCrap GoodCrab as a company name?”

It all started in 2014 with an inside joke during a six-week long field camp for the Colorado School of Mines Geological Engineering students. Someone shared a simple, looping .gif (pronounced gif) image of Jacques Cousteau petting a crab to a small group of friends. This phrase would become a long-running term of endearment that extended beyond the summer that would transform fellow students into life-long friends.

  • So what is GoodCrab Designs?

GCD is small-scale side project that serves as the creative outlet for an individual pursuing an engineering-based career path. A couple of years working in the post-college world was enough to necessitate “something more.” I decided to put some wacky ideas on snapbacks and t-shirts, and GoodCrab Designs was born.

The company’s goals align with good-ol’-fashioned homegrown inspirations and ideals. The vision remains to grow slowly, sustainably, and organically. This will happen through the production and distribution of quality products that mean something special to the person wearing them.

Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our current stock, custom designs you would like to see come to life, or even to just say hello : )

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